Friday, September 26, 2008

3 milk products sold in Macao confirmed melamine-contaminated

Macao's health authorities on Thursday confirmed that three milk products, including biscuits, liquid milk and baby formula, sold in Macao were confirmed to be contaminated with melamine.

The three products are Lotte Koala Biscuit ,Nestle's baby formula NESLAC Gold Growing Up 1+ Tin and the Mengniu Breakfast Milk , according to a press statement from the Special Administration Region's Health Bureau , which said it tested a total of 35 various milk products sold in the local market in a single batch.

The Lotte biscuit was found to be containing the highest volume of melamine, at 24 milligram per kilogram, the Mengniu Breakfast Milk at 2.35 milligram per kilogram, and the Nestle baby formula at less than 1 milligram per kilogram, which meets the safety standard of the neighboring regions, according to the statement.

The Secretary for the SAR's Social Affairs and Culture Chui SaiOn vowed Thursday that the government would "spare no efforts" in providing medical examination and treatment for students who might have consumed contaminated milk.

The students would be given a detailed checkup if needed, and the government would provide them with the necessary treatment should any kidney stones be detected, Chui said after attending a conference this morning.

For the time being, the SAR government has started an urgent communication mechanism with health authorities in the mainland and Hong Kong SAR, after the detection of melamine in some dairy products, the SAR's Government Information Bureau said.

Source: Xinhua

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